60 minutes

1-8 people

$25 donated

Capone’s Cabin

It was just another ordinary day until you received that invitation to an attorney’s office in the Northwoods for the viewing of your great aunt’s video will. And things really take a turn for the strange when you learn you just inherited a small cabin that has been vacant for over 70 years.

Your great aunt never visited the cabin that she received from her late father who acquired it during a bank foreclosure. Although she did admit she was tempted to explore the rumor that Al Capone and his gang hid out there during the prohibition era and hid a stash of gold bars. But she just couldn’t believe the stories that Capone and his cronies hid the gold behind a series of puzzles that if not solved in 60 minutes would be lost forever. But you’ve never been one to let a good challenge pass you by. 

Could these stories be true? You quickly discover that there may be some truth to these rumors when you find the front door to the cabin locked. You’ll have to solve the first puzzle to even enter. And the countdown begins…

14 Floors Down. Escape Room featuring the Declaration of Independence. Solve Escape Rooms - Waukesha Wisconsin

14 Floors Below

Not many phone calls begin “Hello, this is the FBI. We need your help. Your landlord stole the declaration of independence.” You had just moved into your new apartment on the 13th floor (maybe choosing that floor was your first mistake). Little did you know that your new landlord watches too many treasure hunt movies and actually believed there was a secret message on the back of the declaration.

The only thing more bizarre was that he was actually successful in stealing it. But now you have only 60 minutes to go to the apartment’s basement and beat your landlord at his own games or our country’s most prized possession will be destroyed and lost forever.