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What We Do

An escape room experience should be an escape from the ordinary – a true adventure. At Solve Escape Rooms, we strive to create that experience – one that provides lasting memories. Escape room experiences that rise above the rest require truly unique puzzles, immersive design, cutting edge technology and hosts that surround that experience with commitment and passion. At Solve, we create that experience for you.

Who We Are

Solve Escape Rooms was started by a local family that decided to combine a passion for escape room experiences with a focus on community. Our rooms are locally designed and crafted to create unique puzzles and a set design that immerses you in the theme. But we don’t stop there. We add an element that no other escape room to our knowledge does. We give back to the community every time you successfully complete your mission in one of our rooms. It’s what we like to call “Solve it Forward”!

We look forward to including you on this adventure!

Hours of Operation

* Please make a reservation.  We are generally only on site during scheduled booking times *

Monday, Tuesday: Closed


Wednesday – Friday:

1:00pm – 8:30 pm



11:00am – 9:30pm



1:00pm – 8:30 pm

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Escape rooms are live interactive puzzle games.

Solve the initial challenges to work your way into the next layer of puzzles.

Work with your group to find the clues, crack the codes and solve all of the puzzles in 60 minutes and “solve the room”.